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OneBillPlus can consolidate your bills into one single invoice and give you just one bill to pay.
The breakdown of that bill is up to you. That's bound to save you business administration time. Enquire now about OneBillPlus

Features and benefits

Consolidate your BT bills- including telephony, private circuits and Featurenet- into one single invoice and sort the details just as you wish  
Choose when you receive your bills - monthly or quarterly  
Choose when your direct debit is taken  
Choose where in the UK your bill will be sent  
Choose what BT services to include in your consolidated bill i.e. fax lines, modems, ISDN, alarm lines, private circuits and more  
To qualify for consolidated billing you should have 5 or more business accounts with business charges and all telephone lines should be contracted under the same business name.  


There is no charge for OneBillPlus. As such bills must be paid within 14 days of the bill date.  

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Once you have registered for OneBillPlus you are able to use the following services:  
  BT Billing Analyst
  Powerful tools to examine and understand your OneBillPlus consolidated bills.
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