Terms & conditions

Microsoft® Online Services - on or after 5 March 2018

Brief Description:

On or after 5 March 2018, the following terms apply to new and existing customers subscribing to Microsoft Online Services as follows:

Your contract for Microsoft Online Services is made up of:

- the General Terms – which you can find under the General Terms sub menu of the Terms of Agreement page;

- the Microsoft Online Services Schedule to the General Terms – on or after 5 March 2018 – which you can find below; and

- any Order or BT Charges Schedule (where applicable).

Microsoft Online Services Schedule – on or after 5 March 2018 (BT1130 PDF 153KB)

For terms that apply to customers subscribing to a Microsoft® Office 365 Small Business, Microsoft® Office 365 Small Business Premium, Microsoft® Office 365 Business Essentials and Microsoft® Office 365 Business Premium offered by BT before 5 March 2018 please click here

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