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Terms and Conditions for IT Services Portfolio (including iNcare)

Brief Description:

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, these conditions will govern any quotation we issue to you and any subsequent contract between us. Where software is supplied by us (either pre-loaded or embedded in any equipment or otherwise) your use of the equipment and/or software is subject to your acceptance of the relevant end-user licence agreement and/or additional terms, whether or not listed below. If you cannot find the conditions that you need or are unsure which product terms apply to your Service, please contact your account manager.

Please note that the following versions of these documents were published on this web site on 20 March 2017.

The conditions consist of:
The General Terms a copy of which can be found at:
The relevant Service Schedule set out below; and
Any applicable End User Licence and/or additional terms set out below:

Purchased Equipment Schedule (667KB PDF)

IT Services Annex to the Purchased Equipment Schedule (770KB PDF)

Business Review Consulting Schedule (269KB PDF)

Collaboration Adoption Service Schedule (347KB PDF)

Design and Implementation Schedule (374KB PDF)

Hardware Support Schedule (843KB PDF)

iNcare Schedule (873KB PDF)

iNlife Managed Security Schedule (1042KB PDF)

Network Assessment Service Schedule (307KB PDF)

Project Management (323KB PDF)

Service Delivery Management Schedule (365KB PDF)

Transition to Cloud (303KB PDF)

End-User Licence Agreements and Additional Terms:

Cisco Systems, Inc

CommVault Systems, Inc

Fortinet, Inc

Meraki, LLC

Nervecentre Software Limited

NetApp, Inc – Channel End User Terms

NetApp, Inc – Professional Services Terms

NetApp, Inc – Support Services Terms

NetApp, Inc – EULA

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