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BT VoIP Service

Brief Description:

The BT VoIP Service enables Customers to consolidate their voice and data capabilities over a single network, providing the Customer with the benefits of VoIP, multimedia and collaborative working to further the capabilities of their existing data networks and IP (LAN/WAN) infrastructure.

Customers access the service by an ATM (Cellstream) product which is not provided as part of the service.

Customers who have an existing Featurenet (Voice VPN) may choose to purchase an additional interface product to allow the service to inter-work with the VoIP VPN.

The product changes the way that customers interact with their communications products. By driving visual clients and control mechanisms the customer is empowered to enhance multimedia communications to control all their communications needs centrally. Additionally, IP phones which interact with the client will also be available to customers.

There are three service options available:

1) Standard service allows customers to receive and make outgoing calls using IP phones.

2) The advanced service provides users with a "soft client" which can be used either in conjunction with an IP phone or in a "stand alone" mode where callers converse through a headset attached to the soundcard of a PC.

3) The advanced service plus option allows users to control the IP phone from a PC.

Users have access to facilities including directory enabled calling and multimedia applications such as file sharing, whiteboarding and video.

Current Issue Number: 6

Effective date:  5 November 2004

Main Conditions (PDF 94KB)
Service Schedule (Issue 3) (PDF 87KB)
Annex A (Issue 1) (PDF 81KB)
BT VoIP Messaging Service - Service Schedule (Issue 1) (PDF 67KB)
BT VoIP Port Service - Service Schedule (Issue 1) (PDF 81KB)
Service Schedule - Resilience (Issue 1) (PDF 77KB)
Service Schedule – Management Information (Issue 1) (PDF 92KB)

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