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Conditions for Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) ASI Non-Resilient Service

Brief Description:

The Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) ASI range of services can be classified as follows:
a) DVB ASI 34
b) DVB ASI 140

The DVB ASI services are uni-directional and can either be provided with a diversely routed protection path for the main system (DVB ASI) or a non-diverse service (Non-resilient DVB ASI). The resilient DVB ASI is provided as a fully resilient service (1+1) and it is the standard offering. This service is a dual fed system.

The standard DVB ASI service can transport up to 4 DVB compliant transport streams. Additional transport streams are available using different options.

These additional streams are provided by adding a sub-multiplexer to the standard (4 x transport stream) offering. Thus, up to 16 streams can be carried over a single DVB ASI circuit. The minimum available term for this service is 3 years.

Current Issue Number: 1

Effective date:  1 April 2003

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