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Conditions for Audio Broadcast Network Services

Brief Description:

The Audio Broadcast Network service is a multi-point sound distribution service. A typical use would be high quality contribution links from the studio to a BT Network hub, and AM links to several transmitter sites from the network hub. This service delivers a sound circuit with a nominal bandwidth of 20Hz to 7.5kHz.

Contribution Element of the Service

The contribution element of the service can comprise of up to ten uni-directional sound channels (as per customer requirements), which can be used to transmit sound from the customer’s studio to a BT Network hub site, with multiplexing capabilities provided at the BT Network hub site. Alternatively the studio and network hub site can be co-located.

Emergency recovery capabilities are available which provide a temporary contribution feed, should there be an interruption of service on one of the main contribution links from the studio. The service offers the ability to transmit from a remote site via ISDN connection to deliver signals into the network.

Distribution Element of the Service

The distribution element of the service comprises a number of 7.5kHz links (as per customer requirements, up to thirty four) from the studio/BT Network hub site to elected customer sites (e.g. transmitter sites). These distribution services are also available with ISDN back up.

Network Monitoring services are available upon request.

The minimum available term for this service is 5 years.

Current Issue Number: 1

Effective date:  1 April 2003

Main Conditions (PDF 109KB)
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