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Conditions for MusicLine 2000 Services

Brief Description:

MusicLine 2000 is a highly flexible point-to-point sound service, designed to meet the various needs of Radio and TV broadcasters. It is also suitable for other users requiring high quality speech or music transmission.

The basic configuration consists of a Forward Direction 15kHz stereophonic service. Options allow for additional Forward Direction or Reverse Direction 15kHz channels, as well as the inclusion of multiple control channels (3.5kHz bi-directional speech channels), multiple 64kbit/s data channels and telemetry.

The additional options can be used to increase the number of programmes carried and also provide telemetry, data transfer and inter-studio communications. Uses include multiple delivery of programmes to transmitter sites and between studios. The minimum available term for this service is 1 year. (Circuits ordered before 30 December 1997 could have contracts terms of 3, 5 or 7 years still running).

Current Issue Number: 1

Effective date:  1 April 2003 Schedules:
Main Conditions (PDF 34KB)
No additional schedules

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