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Conditions for Serial Digital Video (SDV) Vision Circuits

Brief Description:

Serial Digital Video (SDV) is a uni-directional, point to point, digitally presented circuit providing Vision, plus one optional AES/EBU digital Sound circuit. SDV circuits generally conform to the ITU-R Recommendations BT.601 and BT.656.

This service allows Serial Digital Component Video from studio equipment, which operates at 270Mbit/s, to be transported between locations in the UK. The sound and video signals are compressed to fit within a standard 140Mbit/s digital carrier.

The service is available either as a new provision, or as a migration from existing Analogue Presented PAL Vision circuits with associated sound circuits. The minimum term contract for these services is 1 year.

Current Issue Number: 1

Effective date:  1 April 2003

Main Conditions (PDF 34KB)
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