Terms & conditions

Agreement for BT Sport - Group Commercial Premises (Multiple Premises)

Brief Description:

The following terms and conditions apply to Business customers taking BT Sport at multiple Premises.

The Agreement consists of:

- An Order Form - which will be provided to the Customer and which details the Service to be provided and the associated charges.

- Annex 1 - which will be provided to the Customer and which details the Premises at which the Service is to be provided.

- Annex 2 –Rate Card which will be provided to the Customer and which details the charges applicable to the Category within which the Premises fall.  This annex is N/A for certain types of premises where pricing is not determined by a rate card.

- Annex 3 – These are the Standard Conditions for Group Commercial Premises.

- Annex 4 – This sets out a number of service level targets relating to the services offered by the BT Sport Group Helpdesk.

Please note that no contract exists between you and BT until you have signed an Order Form with BT which incorporates the terms referred to above (subject to the next sentence).  If you are not an existing subscriber to BT Sport channels but have ordered a BT Sport Box Office Event, the BT Sport Box Office terms of Annex 3 (see Service Agreement Clause 12) apply to you upon confirmation of your Event order from BT Sport, until the relevant Event programme finishes.

Schedules:  Standard Conditions for Group Commercial Customers (PDF 619KB)


We have updated our pricing policy for BT Sport. Firstly, for premises whose charges are determined by “rateable values” (business rates), we are moving to 2017 rateable values for mainland UK sites (2013 rateable values will remain for sites in Northern Ireland).  This excludes bookmakers whose price will continue to be determined by 2010 rateable values in mainland UK.  Secondly, pubs in mainland UK will be subject to a new pricing structure which tailors the subscription price based to the actual business rate figure, rather than using a banded rate card.  Other types of premises will continue to use banded rate cards.

For new/re-contracting customers, these changes will take effect from 14 June 2018.  For existing customers, these changes will take effect on 1st September (as a general rule, with some exceptions).  Certain specific terms apply depending on (1) whether the transition to 2017 rateable values would generate a price increase or a price decrease for you, and (2) whether you are within or outside your minimum contract term.  Please review the Rateable Value Pricing Policy in these terms for further detail.

We have also updated these terms to add references to BT Sport Box Office, which will apply once this proposition is launched. 

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