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Conditions for BT Business Hosted VoIP (Enhanced) Service

Brief Description:

We are withdrawing BT Business Hosted VOIP (Enhanced) Service on 1st December 2017. Any new orders on and after 28th June 2017 will not be accepted.

Business Broadband Hosted VoIP (Enhanced) Service is a managed IP telephony service over BT Business Broadband. It is available for between three and 100 lines and offers features including:

Hunt Group Working.

Short Code Calling

Caller Display, Call Forwarding, Selective Call Forwarding

Call Waiting, Call Waiting Ring Back including  

Main Conditions - Conditions for BT Business Services (PDF 112KB)

Current Issue Number:4

Effective date: 11th September 2017

BT Business Hosted VoiP (Enhanced) Service (PDF 45KB)

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