Terms & conditions

BT Inbound Contact UK Service

Brief Description:

BT offers a range of telephone numbers beginning 08 and 03.  Within the 08 range of numbers, several different caller charges are available e.g. 0800 is free to callers from a BT landline.  An Inbound number can provide a single point of contact for a one man business or a national corporation, wherever you move, however you change.  Inbound Contact provides comprehensive call routing and management services within the UK, so that calls can be automatically delivered to the most appropriate location. 

ValueCall Services

ValueCall Services (premium rate calls to numbers prefixed (numbers beginning 090, 091 & 098)

Premium Rate Services (090 & 091)

Sexual Entertainment (098 & closed scheme numbers 0908 & 0909).

Main Conditions and Schedules:

Please go to: under the menu “Schedules for Services sold under the General Terms” and the sub-menu “BT Contact”.

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