Terms & conditions

Mobile Service

Brief Description:

These conditions and service schedules apply to customers subscribing to a BT Business Mobile Broadband or a BT Business Mobile tariff (other than BT Talk Time Solo), which has been tailored or priced using BT’s pricing model known as Selector or other bespoke pricing model prior to the 18th April 2011.

The full charges and associated tariff terms and conditions are set out in the charges schedule.

Please note that separate conditions apply to BT Office Anywhere – these can be found under the heading: BT Office Anywhere.

Main Conditions (PDF 402KB)

Service Schedule for Voice, Business Circle, Business Circle Complete, Data, Blackberry Services, BT Signal Assist (Issue 22 – 2nd December 2013 PDF 322KB )
Service Schedule for BT Autobalance (Issue 4 PDF 85KB)
Service Schedule for BT Datazone (Issue 4 PDF 25KB)
Service Schedule for BT Business Mobile Broadband (Issue 1 PDF 98KB)

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