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Conditions for BT DQC 118xxx Service

Brief Description:

DQC118XXX is a valuable service for offering national coverage and increasing efficiency of the customers business by combining this with the some of the Telemarketing Services advanced features as detailed below:-.
Proportional Call Distribution, Switch (previously called CommandLink), Conditional Based Routing and Geographic Based Routing. These features will be offered with Simple Control only (i.e. the customer will be able to alter the variables if the feature but not add or remove features from the call plan).

The product provides the functionality to recognise a 118XXX number and convey the call to the appropriate DQ service provider. The call is initiated by the caller and flows through the BT Network and is routed to the DQ service provider based on the plans chosen by the customer which are held in BT’s Intelligent Network Platform.

Current Issue Number: 3

Effective date:  1 July 2007

Main Conditions (PDF 60KB)
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