While connected to the Internet via BT you must comply with the law.

You must not have illegal material on your website or host a link to material that is illegal, wherever it is hosted.

Your webspace may not be used to distribute or advertise any of the following material:

  1. Software for sending unsolicited bulk emails, excessive news postings etc.
  2. Software for port scanning, virus creation, hacking or any other illegal or antisocial activity.
  3. Lists of email addresses except where all the addressees have given their explicit permission.
  4. Any collection of personal data other than in accordance with all applicable data protection legislation.
  5. Links to websites hosting illegal content.
  6. Content designed to offend or cause needless anxiety to others.

Your webspace should not be used to incite disorder or publish any material which constitutes instructions to commit illegal activities.

You must not use expressions that are offensive to others on grounds of gender, race colour, religion or other similar categories.

You must not make statements that are defamatory to or misrepresent others. Defamatory postings may include but are not limited to postings which harm the personal or business reputation of another or exposes him to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or lowers him in the estimation of his community, or deters other people from associating or dealing with him.

You must not publish or link to material or content in which you do not own the rights, without the permission of the owner of the relevant rights.

You must not publicise the personal details of others without their consent.

You must ensure that your index.htm or default.htm file (the first page to be viewed on your webspace) does not contain any material liable to offend. A clearly readable warning page must be displayed before any adult material is displayed. Equally, if you have any doubt about the suitability of your content for others, in particular to minors, you must display a warning page before a visitor reaches the content. If in doubt, seek independent legal advice.

You must not share the password for your webspace. Your passwords are your responsibility and must not be disclosed to a third party.

BT cannot and does not monitor content on its customers’ websites and therefore cannot and does not guarantee that all such websites are free of illegal material or other content considered unacceptable by the Internet community.


As part of certain Internet services, BT offers its customers personal webspace. This is an area on BT's Internet servers that you can personalise and display to the World Wide Web (WWW).

Make sure you do not display too much personal detail on your webspace and remember that you publish any personal information at your own risk.

Be careful with content that may lead to argument; this is especially important if your website is also your primary email address. Not everyone will have the same opinion as you, and what you say could be offensive to others and lead to a situation where you receive abusive e-mails.