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See your recent call details online
BT Online customers can access itemised call details whenever they want - just by choosing paper-free billing. That means no more waiting for your bill to see who you've been calling when, as well as how much each call cost.
 View recent calls up to 10pm the previous night
 Keep track of the calls made from your phone
 Stay in control of your call spend
 No more shocks when your phone bill arrives
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Why go paper-free?

Only paper-free customers will be able to see recent calls online. So why not reduce the amount of paper in your home and help the environment at the same time?

It's easy, convenient and puts you in control of your bill. What's more, it's free.
 Not with BT Online?

Sign up now for easier account management. Sort calls by name, number and cost, get itemised bills online and create graphs and reports.

You'll also be able to change your Friends & Family numbers and make unlimited directory enquiry searches.
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Please note, this service does not include rental charges or Friends & Family discounts. Calls made after 10pm may not show up straight away.