Product detail
BT Mobile Service Settings

The BT Mobile Service Settings web portal enables BT Mobile Corporate and Public Sector customers to send GPRS/WAP and/or MMS settings to their mobile device as a SMS (text message).

This is a simple, convenient and time-efficient way to setup your mobile device to use GPRS/WAP and MMS. Previously, the settings were required to be manually added to the device.

Valuable business features

If your mobile device is able to take advantage of such useful features as GPRS/WAP and MMS, the BT Mobile Service Settings web portal offers a simple and effective process to send these settings to your device. It means you have more time to spend communicating with your customers and enhancing your productivity.

What is GPRS?

- General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) provides you with a fast, permanent connection to the mobile Internet, enabling you to access WAP at faster speeds

What is WAP?

- Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) enables you to view the mobile Internet on the screen of your mobile device

What is MMS?

- Multi Media Services (MMS) enables you to send and receive colour pictures and video messages

How it works

You will be guided through a straightforward five-step process which takes just a few minutes. The relevant settings are then sent via SMS (text message) to your mobile device.