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BT Versatility

With BT Versatility's modular approach, it's easy to mix and match the phone communications system to suit your organisation as it grows. You might need a simple voice system, or take advantage of the BT Versatility Broadband module to access Broadband Internet and ecommerce opportunities anywhere on your premises. Whatever you want from your phone system, BT Versatility is intuitive and easy to use, with interactive menus to guide you through an advanced voice, data and Internet network.

The latest release of the system includes:

Broadband Module incorporating a firewall and range of options for sharing broadband web browsing and email access, making free and potentially lower cost calls with voice-over-IP, and linking up to 10 branches over the internet or a virtual private network.

Voicemail Options to provide appropriate voicemail capacity for both light and heavy users wanting to make it easy for callers to reach people and services even when lines are busy or the office is closed.

Starter packages and pre-configured broadband solutions.

Out-of-the-box solutions give you easy-to-use, tailored functionality that benefits your business right from the start.

Here's what you get:

Less risk

- Modular design which allows easy expansion from eight extensions and two lines up to 40 extensions and 15 lines

- Take on new applications as and when needed

- Choice of practical Featurephones and easy-to-use expansion console

- Available to lease through BT Contract Rentals with the option to buy or renew after a three or five-year term

Boosted efficiency and productivity

- Upgrade to the Internet module and connect multiple PCs over ISDN2e/ISDN30 or ADSL broadband for new income streams or routes to market

- Create your own LAN of up to 50 PCs by adding the BT Versatility Broadband module and an external ethernet hub - Complementary and scalable cabling packages provide an infrastructure for networked voice, data and Internet applications

Enhanced customer service

- More than 50 call handling features from the easy-to-use Featurephone

- Direct dialling in (DDI) so each extension has its own direct number, reducing over administration of calls

- Integrated call queuing and routing for helpdesks, telesales and better customer care

- Direct dialling in (DDI) so each extension has its own direct number, reducing over administration of calls

- Specialised hospitality module enables small businesses such as hotels to bill individual clients

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BT Versatility glossary

BT Versatility offers more than 50 different call handling features. The system also has a number of call queuing / routing features for running 'helpdesk' services - eg Customer care, Reservations, Advice lines etc.


Account codes

An account code can be allocated to each outgoing call. This can be captured in the system call log. Improves cost management and allows call time to be charged to client accounts.

Alternative ring cadence

Allows people to tell the difference between internal and external calls before answering.

Automatic answer

A featurephone may be set to automatically answer internal calls.

Background music

Can be played from a featurephone using an external music source such as a CD player or radio.

Battery Back-up Unit (BBU)

Standard on Digital systems. Optional on Analogue systems and digital upgrades. Maintains full service for up to an hour in the event of a mains failure.

Call deflection

Deflects an incoming call on your extension to another extension, group, voice mailbox or external number at the press of a button.

Call divert: divert all calls, divert on busy, divert on no answer

Diverts callers to an alternative extension, group, voice mailbox or external number.

Call duration indicator

The time spent on a call is displayed on the featurephone display.

Call logging

You can connect your system to a serial printer or PC to keep track of calls. Details are printed as each call is completed.

Call park

Parks a call on the system for another extension to pick up when required.

Call pick up

You can pick up a call ringing another phone from your extension by selecting the appropriate call pick up option.

Call waiting

Can be enabled to give a beep when someone is trying to get through while you are busy on a call. The second caller's number or name will be displayed if you are using a featurephone.

Caller display (CDS/CLI)

Displays the caller's number at an extension and stores it in system speed dial lists. If the number matches an entry in the system speed dial list, the caller's name will also be displayed. Available if you take up the CDS or CLI option on your analogue or digital lines.

Camp on busy

Forces a busy extension to ring back when it becomes free.

CLI routing

Routes calls from specific callers to selected extensions eg to ensure that a customer speaks to the same person every time they call. Available if you take up the CDS or CLI option on your analogue or digital lines.


Allows three people to take part in a three-way conference call.


A caller can be placed on hold while you confer with another member of staff or someone outside the company.

Day/night/weekend service

Allows calls to be handled differently outside business hours and when the office is unattended.

Dial by name

Internal calls can be dialled using a name listed on the featurephone display.

Direct Dialling In (DDI)

DDI allows callers to dial members of staff direct, bypassing the operator. DDI is available if you have ISDN2e lines with Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN).

Display messaging

A standard or personalised text message left in your extension will be displayed to anyone who calls you internally from a featurephone.

Do not disturb

No calls will be presented while this feature is set and anyone who calls you from a featurephone will be told that you are not accepting calls.

Door intercom & relay

Allows you to operate a door intercom and mechanism from any designated featurephone.

Extension groups - ring group/hunt group

Calls can ring all the phones in a group, or each call can hunt through the group to find the next available agent. Calls in a hunt group can be routed from phone to phone, or put through to the longest idle extension.

Extension lock

Your extension can be locked with a personal PIN number and will then only operate for emergency calls.

Extension reset

Cancels any do not disturb, call divert, call back, display messaging and reminder call that have been set.

Flexible numbering

Extension numbers, line access digits and the first digit of a feature code can be changed. Allows DDI numbers to correspond to extension numbers.

Follow me

You can divert your calls to a nearby extension so that calls can follow you around the site.

Headset operation

Plug into the headset socket of any V8 or V16 featurephone. You can toggle from headset to handset by pressing the headset on/off button. Click here to see further Headsets.


You can put a caller on hold while you make enquiries or transfers. The tone played to the caller can be Silence, Tone on Hold, an Internal Music Source or an External source (if you have the Options module fitted).

Hot line

An extension (hot line) can be programmed to dial a specific number as soon as the handset is picked up.


The operator can intrude on exchange line-to-exchange line calls. eg where an external transfer or external divert has taken place

Key system operation

Call activity is displayed on all featurephones so that anyone can pick up and deal with incoming calls

Least cost routing

The system can automatically route an outgoing call via the network offering the lowest rate when the call is made.

Manager-secretary association

A set of call handling features can be applied to, typically, a secretary with one or more managers.

Missed call list

Stores information centrally or for individual extensions on unanswered calls. Calls can then be returned at the press of a button. You need Caller Display service on your exchange lines to use this feature.

Operation behind a parent PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange)

BT Versatility can be set up to operate behind a parent PABX, providing departments with their own switch within a large organisation.

Outgoing call restriction (call barring)

Specific extensions can be restricted on whether or when certain types of external calls can be made.

PABX operation

Incoming calls on the main company number(s) are handled by an operator. This feature can work alongside DDI (Direct Dialling In) on systems with an ISDN2e Module.


Allows you to page other members of staff using a featurephone or public address system.

Personal speed dial

Up to 30 personal speed dial numbers can be stored locally on any extension.


One-touch access to the last number you called makes it easy to keep trying a busy number.

Reminder call

Your phone can be set to ring you at any time during the following 24-hours.


You can cancel a call you are on and select the same line for another call.

Ring back

The system will automatically call you the moment a busy extension or line becomes free.

Saved Number Redial

The six most recently dialled numbers are stored for instant redialling.

System programming

Can be carried out from any featurephone defined as the programming extension, or using the PC-based system management tool.

System speed dial

Up to 500 system speed dial numbers can be stored centrally and accessed from any extension.

Time & date

Used by system facilities such as call logging and Voicemail time stamping.

Tone protection

Inhibits the call waiting tone to avoid interrupting important calls.


Calls can be transferred to any extension or external number. You can specify which extensions are allowed to transfer calls to external numbers.


These call queuing/routing features for running 'helpdesk' services - eg Customer care, Reservations, Advicelines etc.

Agent login/logout

Agents can log in and out of groups at will, typically for shift changes and approved breaks.

Call centre overflow

A "divert on no answer" can be applied to any agent group to ensure incoming callers are not queued for too long. If the call is not answered, it can then overflow to another group, an extension, or the group voice mailbox.

Call queuing with auto attendant (requires Voicemail Module)

Allows incoming callers on the main published number to be greeted with a pre-recorded announcement or a customised message. Auto attendant can be used to queue and route callers into specific agent groups or mailboxes without the help of an operator.

Call rotation/workload balancing

Calls for an agent group can be presented to all agents in the group, or routed to the longest idle agent.

Call routing in agent groups

Can be applied to up to 20 groups of agents, with 2-16 agents in each group. Calls can be routed from a dedicated line, transferred from another extension or operator, queued from the auto attendant or routed from DDI numbers.

Comfort message

When a call is routed from a dedicated number a comfort message can be played to tell the caller that they are held in a queue.

Last agent logout

Divert-on-busy will be automatically or manually activated when the last agent logs out. Calls can be diverted to another group, an extension, the group voice mailbox or external number.

Peak time cover

Agents who normally work in one group can log into others to provide cover during lunch breaks and extra help to teams experiencing a flood of calls.

Temporary call suspension/report time

To allow time to process information at the end of a call, agents can temporarily block incoming calls using the Do Not Disturb feature.

Tone protection

Inhibits the call waiting tone to avoid interrupting important calls.