Product detail
118 707

118 707 is BT directory enquiry service that helps organisations find UK business and residential numbers, charging a fixed fee per call for a single search. With no added frills and no added costs, it provides an efficient solution without any unwanted services or hidden costs.

Cost-effective solution

Because 118 707 is a fixed fee service and not charged per second, it can help your organisation control costs. In addition, there are no added services like call connection, further reducing unnecessary expenditure.

Advanced technology

A large database provides the latest numbers and this is refreshed with up to 40,000 updates per day. Thus customers can be assured they receive the most up-to-date information.

Meanwhile, our sophisticated search engine delivers accurate results, fast. Our advanced technology retrieves the right number in seconds.

Highly reliable service

Our highly skilled, UK-based agents undergo intensive training and quality checks to ensure that your needs are met with a highly professional approach.

BT's long-established 192 service is evidence that we have the depth of experience to support your organisation now and in the future.

Other directory products and services

BT 118 500 is a fully-featured directory enquiry solution offering call connection, unlimited searches for UK business and residential numbers, classified searches and text response to your mobile.