Product detail
Mail Encryption

Send to anyone

BT Secure Mail enables you to send encrypted messages and attachments to anyone in the world, even if that person is not a subscriber. Non-subscribers just need internet access to retrieve the email from a dedicated message pickup website.

Protect trusted relationships

Security features such as digital signatures are built into BT Secure Mail, so your suppliers, partners and clients can be confident that any correspondence originating from your company is genuine. Should they also subscribe to the service, you can benefit from secure two-way 'hassle free' encrypted email communications.

Management capabilities

The average BT Secure Mail user only sees a new button at the top of emails. Your systems administrator, however, can easily manage users, obtain private decryption keys for employee email, and generate reports when necessary.


As both sender and recipient are verified, BT Secure Mail provides complete non-repudiation. You can prove exactly when the message was sent and retrieved, as well as by whom.

Fully managed infrastructure

With BT Secure Mail, there is no need to install any new hardware at your premises. Software and hardware operations are managed for BT by Logica CMG, a respected and trusted global IT and business services supplier and the systems technology is licensed from Echoworx Corporation.

Cost benefits

The BT Secure Mail service features a simple billing system, with a flat monthly fee charged per user. This fee is significantly less than the cost of traditional secure mailings and courier services, with the added benefits of rapid delivery and fewer opportunities for abuse.

Unique branding

The appearance of BT Secure Mail can be modified to display your organisation's logo and branding. Every time you send a secure message, you are building trust and awareness, and your organisation will be associated with security and reliability.

High-level security without high expense

BT Secure Mail is a subscription-based service that enables your organisation to benefit from high-level email encryption technology without having to install complex software or hardware. You can send confidential email messages to any email address in the world, and enable secure intra-office communication, all for an affordable monthly fee.

Seamless integration

The only software you need to install is the BT Secure Mail plug-in, which is compatible with the Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Lotus Notes email clients. There is no lengthy integration process, and once installed, its single-click operation ensures that there is no need for complex training. BT Secure Mail can also be used with a BlackBerry or similar portable device, so mobile workers can send and receive information securely.

Managed infrastructure

Your encrypted messages are managed through a secure infrastructure platform. The number of service users can be easily increased or decreased by your system administrator, so there is no need for engineers to visit your premises or for you to contact the BT Service Desk.

Single click operation

When the BT Secure Mail service is installed on your PC, a new button appears on the 'compose' screen of your email client. Simply clicking the secure button enables you to send encrypted mail to any other email address. Similarly, reading encrypted mail sent by another subscriber is as easy as entering a password and clicking 'OK'.

Message Pickup Centre

When you send an encrypted email to a non-subscriber, that person receives a message with instructions to visit the Message Pickup Centre. This is a secure website that requires the recipient to enter a unique password, which will then enable the recipient to read the encrypted message and view any attachments online. The Message Pickup Centre can feature your corporate branding, and enables email users across the globe to receive BT Secure Mail messages.